Our mission is to research sustainable and resilient agriculture and establish a farming laboratory. We will replicate our laboratory findings at a mass scale throughout Puerto Rico to improve our food ecosystem. We believe that building a grassroots community provides a platform to share our research and is focused on building capacity.

Through Kaleli Farm, a family owned farming enterprise, we will establish our sustainability and resiliency research laboratory. Kaleli Farm aims to become a source of inspiration and technical leadership within the community of Barrio Carite Interior and the ecological system that includes Carite Forest and Carite Lake. Ahora Inc. will aggressively pursue grants and guaranteed loans that enable our research and development activities. In addition they will assist in creating the human and technical infrastructure to implement our charitable purposes.


Our vision is food sovereignty for Puerto Rico

  • A food ecosystem in Puerto Rico that is resilient against future extreme weather events and through climate change adaptation become sustainable.
  • An economic engine capable of providing agricultural laborers with fair and just compensation, a structured methodology to develop capacity, including new jobs, and a reliable pipeline of talent.
  • A permanent exclusion of Puerto Rico form the Marine Merchant Act of 1920, otherwise known as the Jones Act.


Our values represent our guiding principles. They serve as reminders of our commitment to an inclusive community. These values ensure that we remain focused on our charitable purpose. We also think that clearly setting our values it makes partnering easier. Even through our partnerships, we further define our values by adopting, in solidarity, our partner’s values. Two such times we have done with is the Anthropocene Alliance and the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

The following values we wish to bring to the front. They should remain front and center because they represent our commitment to stay true to our charitable aims.

  • Decolonization of Puerto Rico
  • Free and Transparent Press
  • Social Justice
  • Transparency
  • Open licensing – FSF, OSI


  • Anthropocene Alliance

Anthropocene Alliance is a coalition of flood and other disaster survivors across the United States and Puerto Rico.


  • Vesan Group

  • EFA

Legal Framework

501(3)(c) certification

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