Welcome to Ahora Inc.

Welcome to the home page of Ahora. Thank you for stopping by. Ahora is a concept born from Maria, and brought to life by Fiona. Ahora is a 501(3)(c) certified non-profit focused on obtaining Food Sovereignty for Puerto Rico.

Founded in 2020, Ahora has been slowly putting the pieces together to build our company. We planned to make a debut some time in 2023. Fiona has changed that. Like many survivors, our plans got changed.

Truth be told, getting the website up and running was way overdue. So, yeah. I hope you enjoy the content and follow along as we bring the company to life.

We’ve been planning for our hurricane response. We just didn’t expect the urgency to be so immediate. Please wish us luck as we switch our priorities to respond to the impacts of hurricane Fiona.

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